I was thinking one day...something that my fixed air sign affords me  the luxury of on a seemingly constant bases..... This was one of those train's of thought that can not be strayed off its wildly erratic course...you know, that emotionally induced line of questioning...The kind of questions that those from around my neck of the astrological  chart prefer to avoid. Call us crazy but most call us Aquarius. 


I briefly pondered a pose. A mini yoga retreat designed to still the mind....naw...I will sit with this one, I thought.  So it continued.  One question after the next, followed by a flurry of possible outcomes, then onto the next question.  Then... on the 4th sunset I pondered that pose again.  It was then decided. I was taking the yogi solution. I surrendered my body into one of thousands of  divine positions. I summoned the deepest breaths, that now taken consciously,  provided instant gratification.   With each breath my mind began to still....and  after  what seemed like no time at all I began to experience this beautiful blooming sensation enveloping my heart.  Out of the silence which now rang loud in my mind, this emerged from the ether.....


"My mind He thinks....but my heart She knows"


That was it...I had my answer! and with that I had the answer to many more questions to come....all to be answered within a heart beat...all I have to do is be still, breathe...and receive..


Meditation Manifests truth....  "my mind thinks it...and my heart knows it