They say a picture is worth a thousand words...but I will fill in the blanks...:) This particular day I had 2 photo shoots  planned for my EP "Love is Sexy" I had asked an acquaintance of mine to join us on set to film some behind the scenes footage of the shoots.  As an artist content is king!!! so the more video pictures songs you have...the better.   Anywho...low and behold both photo shoots that had been planned were cancelled within an hour of one another..Gasp!!! what to do?? :) We stayed aligned with purpose and a mini miracle happened.  The lovely being that agreed to shoot the behind the scenes footage (who is not a photographer by the way) was still avail and more than willing to shoot with me. SO... I decided to ride the wave and Viola!!!  What was potentially a day lost in the journey of this project turned into a delightful day with this being one of the shots that was captured.  Moral of this story.... Its divine when you are aligned...:) Thank you Trick!!!

Jamila Love is Sexy shoot